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Thinking about a Fork Lift? Why not a Stacker sold by Work Positioning Products

Production facilities large and small require some form of vertical positioning equipment. In the warehouse people believe the best practice is a Fork Truck/Lift . That's not always the best practice as Fork Trucks are very expensive and require a lot of space due to the overall size. A more practical solution is an Interthor Stacker as they are much smaller and easy to maneuver and at less than half the cost. In many facilities the fork Truck is utilized in many ways which often results in others waiting their turn... Waste of production time :-( . You could have had two or three stackers for the price of the fork truck /lift. Let Work Positioning Products help you with your next application contact us at 207-710-5585 or email for a free quote...

Power up stacker feeding a rack

Full Powered stacker in a warehouse

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